If you want to see the Holy Spirit move and manifest in a meeting, all you have to do is stop doing something else in the meeting.
It's really that simple.
A certain number of people have come to experience that giving announcements, or even preaching a sermon, can get in the way of other things which the Spirit might be willing to do in a meeting. But not many have come to realise that even singing and music can get in the way.
Anything that comes from a stage will always dominate a meeting, because we're taught since childhood to submit to the stage.
So when you want the move and manifestation of the Spirit to be the dominant thing in a meeting, let it be that. Let the dominant sound in the meeting be the sounds of people getting touched by the Spirit, not the music.
Without music dominating in the background, it will be easier for the congregation to hear one another getting touched, and it will catch and spread.
People will feel freer to express what the Holy Spirit is doing in them: with tongues, interpretation, prophesying, sharing visions, laying on of hands, healing, deliverance, reconciliation, repentance or spontaneous sharing.
But unfortunately what often happens is that once people start to get touched, we turn the music up, sometimes peaking as high as 120dB - so the touch of the Spirit remains an individual, inner experience rather than a corporately expressed experience.
There's a time for making a loud noise to the Lord with music and singing.
But sometimes the Spirit is also willing to take over the floor, move among the congregation, touch people, and be expressed through people, all of us responding to one another.
Sometimes we've just got to stop performing music.
After the Spirit has truly had His way - then the people will really have something to sing about!
Try it.