Monday, 30 January 2017


To protest the Government's vetting of immigrants by saying "America is built by immigrants" disenfranchises the native Americans, as if they have no place in building America.

America is built by people.

The point is, America is built not by bad people, but by good people - whether those good people are immigrant or non-immigrant.

So if you're going to hold a placard, hold one that says, "America is built by good people".

Demographics of Heaven

According to one source:

55.3 million people die each year; and
there are 56 million abortions worldwide each year.

If 1/3 of people who die go to heaven, that's 18.4 million.
And of course all aborted babies go to heaven.

That would mean 74.4 million people arrive in heaven each year.

Only 18.4 million people who arrive in heaven each year (25%) are people who actually got to live outside the womb.

75% of all people arriving in heaven are people who never got to live outside the womb.

People like you and I who get to live outside the womb could end-up being a minority in heaven.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Australia Day

One day when I visited Kurnell NSW, the location of Captain Cook's first landing on the shores of Australia in 1770, as I prayed for Australia, the words came to me:
"We haven't begun to see the prosperity that God has in store for His servants in this country".
As the sun was setting on the horizon, it looked like God was kissing the land.
I danced on the beach!
Then when I was visiting Canberra ACT, I visited the War Memorial, it was after hours, but as I overlooked the buildings thinking about Australia and interceding, the words came to me:
"I'm not pessimistic about Australia's future".
This was at a time when Parliament House was barricaded-off because of terrorist threats.
Another time, I'd been thinking about Australia's past history, wondering what God's perspective on it might be. When I knelt to pray one day soon afterwards, I saw a vision. I've already described the vision in a previous Post - it let me know that:
God was up to something good!
Repeating my points:
1. In Australia's history, God was up to something good!
2. We haven't even begun to see the prosperity that God has in store for His servants in this country.
3. God isn't pessimistic about Australia's future.
"Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance" (Psalm 89:15).

Friday, 20 January 2017


Jesus always kept the Law - perfectly. But that's not all He did and said. He also spoke of changes coming.
For example, He said the time was coming, and now was, when true worshipers would no longer go up to Jerusalem to worship as required by the Torah, but they would worship in spirit and in truth.
Then He said "this is the New Testament in my blood, which is shed for many". A new testament, inaugurated for many - not just for Jews.
And after His resurrection He gave the Apostles a new commission - to go and preach the Gospel to all nations. That was something new and different.
The Apostle Paul didn't always keep the Law - not literally, in its entirety.
For example, he didn't always make the thrice-yearly pilgrimages to Jerusalem, as required by the Torah, to keep the Feasts - even when he could have. Sometimes he stayed in whatever Gentile city he was in, and continued preaching the Gospel, sometimes for years at a time without a break. That wasn't strict Torah-observance.
Sometimes Paul did make the trek to Jerusalem though. He even visited the Temple, not because he had to, but because he could. He made himself as under the law, to those who were under the Law, just as on most occasions he lived as someone not under the law, to those not under the law - strategically, in order to remove avoidable barriers to people adopting the faith of Christ.
But Paul never required Gentile believers to become circumcised, to adopt Jewish food-laws, to observe the Sabbaths, to keep the Feasts, to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or to offer the sacrifices commanded by Moses.
But he did say that believing the Gospel and receiving the grace of God would result in a person experiencing and carrying-out all of the spiritual truths, ethics and morals which had been foretold, foreseen and foreshadowed in the Law and Prophets.
That's something not even the Law itself could achieve!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Using Differences to Advantage

Interesting how different cultures are offended by different things.

Many Australian sellers seem quickly offended when you try to talk them down in price. In Chinese marketplaces it's expected behaviour - but many Australians are soon irritated and angered by it. They don't quite know how to respond. All they need to do is know their bottom line. But it seems they can't handle it. I think it's possibly due to low population, a lack of competition, and a culture of honesty.

Some Senior Pastors in some churches seem offended when a staff-person or church-members decide to move on and pursue their own vision. It has been labelled a lack of character, immaturity, lack of submissiveness, a lack of loyalty, and as dishonour. While other Christian organisations live to see as many people as possible hearing from God and obtaining their own vision for their life and beginning to step out in it. Your success is seen as their success.

In some cultures, management consults widely before making decisions. The good of the whole is always a consideration. In other cultures, management makes decisions more independently, with the success of their own vision paramount - even when it doesn't advantage others in the group so much.

Sometimes we can be different without being right or wrong. So rather than judge another person as wrong, better understand the other person, and build a bridge. If you can't change the other person's style, adapt to them. See ways of allowing their differences to be of mutual advantage.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Slave-owners retain servants - fathers raise and release sons.
Be a father, not a slave-owner. 

Worship in the Millennium

Here's a Buddhist pilgrim on her way to Lhasa, 1,000 miles over high mountain passes, pulling her possessions on foot. Should only take her a year:

Here's an elderly pilgrim:

They've got it easy though, because during the Millennium the nations will have to make pilgrimage a lot further - to Jerusalem, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles - annually - or be cursed.

And it shall be the case that whoever will not make the trek, of all the families of the earth to Jerusalem to keep the feast of tabernacles, they'll have no rain, and the Lord will smite them with the plague and punish them. 

And in those days no Canaanite will ever be admitted into the replica-temple. 

Apparently? Better enjoy the New Covenant while we still can - before we must revert to the Old Covenant! 

Monday, 16 January 2017

A Prophetic Revelation of Australia's History

One day I said to the Lord, "I really need to understand Australia's history, from Your point of view."

I'd been visiting historical sites in Parramatta NSW, but noticed I felt some difficulty truly celebrating Australia's colonial past.

Many Australians had a somewhat wounded social-conscience, in contrast to the patriotic Americans - because we'd heard about atrocities committed against Aborigines. Should we even celebrate Australia as it is, at all? I really needed to know God's perspective on it.

Soon afterwards when I knelt to pray, I straightaway went into a vision. My surroundings seemed to disappear, and I was taken into a scene, to a time before the British colonisation of the land, more than 200 years ago.

I saw an aboriginal man, traditionally clothed, step through a clearing in the scrub and onto the open beach on the East coast of Australia.

I could almost feel the breeze on his face. He felt carefree, like things had always been as they were, and with no thought that they might ever change.

Then as he was looking out to sea, he noticed something he'd never seen before - a brightness on the horizon. It couldn't be the sunrise, for it was already high-noon. Whatever could it be, he wondered.

As the rays of light became brighter and brighter, he knew that whatever the source of the light, it was soon to appear. He stood, eyes transfixed on the horizon, his anticipation soaring almost to fever-pitch.

Then it happened - a glorious city appeared above the horizon of the sea. It rose higher and higher and moved closer and closer, until it came and stood directly above him. He gazed upwards, beholding grandeur and beauty such as he'd never seen before. His excited feelings of anticipation soon gave place to serenity and joy.

Then the city began to lower itself - and plonked itself right on the land. The city had walls, and the city was so large it occupied the entire continent of Australia from sea to sea with only a centimetre of land outside its walls.

Inside the walls were buildings - homes - some of the dwellings had white windows, and some had black windows.

I looked to see whether white meant good and black meant evil - but it didn't: it just meant different.

And then the vision ended.

I knew straightaway what it meant: God was up to something good!

On the 144,000

12,000 from each tribe. How certain can modern Jews be of their tribe? and how certain can they be that they descend purely from that tribe (without mixture with another tribe, let alone without mixture with Gentiles).
Maybe it's possible for them to be certain - I don't know. But if only God knows who is who - if it's not really possible for us to know from the human standpoint - then we would have no way of verifying, from the human standpoint, when the prophecy is fulfilled, would we? (in the literalist, futurist view of it).

Tongues is For Today

I think all of Mark 16, is authoritative.

But in any case, everything in the verses disputed by some in Mark 16 is restated elsewhere in the New Testament.

So if you don't believe those verses in Mark, at least believe the same themes elsewhere in the New Testament!

"By two or three witnesses let every word be established".

Tongues is mentioned all the way through Acts; and in I Corinthians, not only in Mark 16.

Picking up snakes or taking poison was never intended to be a deliberate activity. But if a person happens to pick up a snake, like Paul did on the island of Melita, they were promised safety. This sign came to pass in Paul's experience, resulting in the conversion of many on the island.

It's absurd to think, as someone suggested, that the mention of tongues in Mark was only for the Twelve Apostles. So many others in the Bible besides the Twelve spoke in tongues.

120 on the day of Pentecost; then most likely all the converts at Samaria; Cornelius' household; people at Ephesus - plus in other places where the Apostles ministered in Acts, just because it doesn't mention that they spoke in tongues, doesn't mean they didn't. For example, there's no mention in Acts that the Corinthians spoke in tongues, however it's obvious from I Corinthians that many of them did; there's no mention in Acts that even Saul (Paul) spoke in tongues - but we know from I Corinthians that he also did.

Tongues is all the way through the New Testament, with no let-up towards the latter years. And there is no authoritative writings which state tongues have ceased.

"Tongues shall cease" - not, tongues have ceased.

And it's for you.

Someone said: There's a difference between Bible-Study and revival. In revival, people believe the Bible.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

More Notes from Rolland Baker

My own quick notes, impressions or summary of the sermon, not necessarily exact quotes:

You can experience His presence, and not know Him. You can smell the rose of Sharon, you can even see visions.

To know Him is to love Him, to love Him is to have life; to have life is to have joy. It's a gift.

If there was a procedure, it wouldn't be real.

I don't know how people can survive without Jesus. He's not a miracle-machine - He's a priceless lover.

You could never sacrifice enough for Him.

Is He with your life?

If you don't really know what to do with Him anymore, you're not going to give up anything for Him.

If missionary life is too hard, you don't know Him - He's the Pearl.

If you try to keep your life, you'll lose it, but if you lose your life for His sake - to get Him - you'll find it. That's the Gospel!

It's not, "Hey guys I've got everything you want - come and get it".

The Gospel is, "If you want all of these things more than me, you're not worthy of Me".

He doesn't give Himself cheaply. It's amazing He gives Himself or shows Himself at all. Any way at all.

I have no idea how people survive without Him!

Once He's in your heart and mind and in your dreams and you wake up with Him, the worst thing would be to be without Him.

Hell is when you're without Him and can never get Him.

You want revival? What do you mean by revival? More excitement? More stuff.

You have no idea how loveable God is - infinitely more loveable than any human being.

You can know Him. The great promise of the Bible is you can find Him if you search for Him with all your heart.

Over and over the Bible says, Seek Him.

Don't just be content with hearing testimonies about Him and singing songs. Many churches teach you cannot know Him any better than that.

It's not about sacrifice - are you kidding me. You find God, nothing is sacrifice! You get rid of stuff that hinders your romance.

When you're so thrilled with God, you can't believe you get to do what He's asked you to do. That's when He has full control of you, like puppet strings.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. He sets you free because He has power over your heart.

No-one seeks God, apart from the Holy Spirit. If you have any interest in God at all, it's because the Holy Spirit put it in you.

He's not obligated to put it there, or to do anything for us. A lot of preachers sound like there's no predicament: "we're good people" etc. We're sinners. Desperate. If we don't care about God, not interested, we're in an unspeakably dangerous place.

And if we are interested in Him, we are in an unspeakably wonderful place. Don't take that for granted.

I could speak when I travel about missions, mission methods, how to train, learn a language, raise support, how to do this, but I don't. What I feel compelled to speak about is what makes life life. How to find God. What gives me life.

How on earth as a mortal human being, you cannot extend your life one second. You can surf all you like, sleep with all kinds of guys, listen to rock music all you like, but you're going to die.

Who are you going to call on? All over the world nobody else shows up but Jesus, ever.

He is a priceless lover. He died for our sins on the cross. A perfect companion. Heart to heart. He's God!

The greatest thing I've ever learned in life is that He is loveable, beyond your wildest imagination. To know Him is the only thing that will set you free, the only thing that will deliver you from anything. You can just use authority, make statements of faith, assert things, insist on things, teach things, do spiritual warfare, do all the stuff to get things to change, break throughs, finances, emotional breakthroughs - that works up to a point - some counselling, life-coaches, motivational speakers, techniques, quoting Scripture all help to a point. But none of that is the same as knowing Jesus.

Faith is not just some power that makes things happen whether God wants it to happen or not. Faith is knowing Jesus well enough to know what Jesus wants to do in a given situation.

Seven steps, reading books, incantations to get something to happen. You cannot compare knowing Jesus with knowing any human being.

I didn't come to bring peace but a sword. Children will oppose their parents, siblings. If anyone loves their family more than me, he's not worthy of Me.

If anyone does not give up all he possesses, he's not worthy of Me. That's my little message on prosperity. What's He mean by that? Do not love these things. Do not love the world or anything in it.

If you don't know what knowing Jesus feels like, that's a terrible verse. I've heard people say all those statements of Jesus were before the cross, we know the Father better than that now. But those verses were not designed to depress you, to find out how tough you are, to rob you of the joys of life, but to lead you to the only Person Who can fill you with life.

If you lose your life for my sake you will find it. That means the process of losing your life is not depressing - it's exciting to find you are getting what you desire. You are on the right track. You know that you've finally found the pearl of great price. So thrilled by the pearl he sells all that he owns to buy that pearl. It's the same with the Christian life. We have found what we want. Sell everything else to get what you want. The exact opposite of the 'Gospel' which says you can have the pearl too and keep everything.

You can't pretend to be intimate with Him in order to get stuff. He knows how much you love Him. You can't fool Him. But if you really love Him, if you lose houses, lands, friends, family and all that, you will get 100 times as much, I will repay you, every tear in the bottle, you have no idea how lovely Jesus is.

He's not a hard taskmaster that tries to see how tough Christians can be. He's the perfect lover, perfect Saviour.

I'm not in love with manifestations, gifts of the Spirit, revival - I'm interested in God.

When most people pray, they're not interested in God, they're interested in what they can get from Him. How He feels. What makes Him tick. As long as He gives what you want.

To a whole lot of people who saw a whole lot of miracles, He's gonna say, "I never knew you". Many do it, but they do not know Jesus.

If you have problems, what's the answer? Not to find techniques. You need to love Him. There's only one Person who loves you the way you need to be loved. Never go for these things directly.

If you're sick, it's not a matter of reading the right books, searching the right anointing, the right minister. You can be close to the creator of the world. Your friend. Companion. Lover.

Some think of going to school so they can learn to hear His voice. God can speak any way He wants. He can actually communicate. You didn't have to go to school to learn that.

If you have a desire for God, that was put there by the Holy Spirit, God will honour that desire, and there's no limit to how well you can know Him. That's what's exciting about the Christian life. There's no ceiling.

Every single day the door is open to know Him even better. I may not have the visions that some people have, but I keep going - there isn't anywhere else to go.

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We can know Him better every single day. That's what being alive is. That's what revival is. You can have that all by yourself. No-one can take it away from you. You're not dependent on anybody. But Jesus. You wake up in the morning, "Oh I get to know You better today!"

You start to have feelings for Him, start to hear His voice.

Thank Him again. Saviour. Thank you, thank you.

God loving you how you need. Whether it's to repent; laugh; rest.

One of the biggest needs is for people to laugh.

"Rejoice in the Lord" - a command, not a suggestion, option.

We need the Holy Spirit to help us appreciate God.

When people fall in love, they get silly. Ask any teenager.

But again we're not chasing manifestations, or joy - we're chasing Jesus. We're not laughing about nothing. Not a comedy show. We have something real and eternal.

You certainly don't need me. Don't line up for me. I'd like to just disappear. Exercise the faith that you have, the joy that you have, turn to somebody and just give them all you got. Just give them all you got. Practise. Exercise. Pray for each other.

Some of you are so boxed in. You haven't been free to feel things for years.

It's okay to ask for things - but you don't love these things, set your hearts on these things, demand them. They're benefits of the Gospel, but Jesus is the prize. Jesus has priorities. What you are praying for might not be top of His priority list, so the thing to do is get close to Jesus, know Him better, so you know what His priorities are.

Perfect love casts out fear. The more you know Jesus, the less you're afraid.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bargara, Queensland

My cousin posted a family-holiday photo of the volcanic rocks on the beach at Bargara, Queensland.

I noticed how similar the rocks looked to the rocks at Burleigh Heads, Qld and at Fingal, NSW.

As far as I can ascertain, it is alleged that the rocks at Bargara came from a volcanic eruption some 600,000 years ago (correct me if that's wrong), while it is alleged that the rocks at Burleigh and Fingal come from an eruption some 23 million years ago (from the Tweed Shield Volcano) - yet the shape of the rocks and amount of erosion looks similar to me.

600,000 versus 23 million. Quite a difference. Yet they look so similar.

Were the rocks at Bargara subject to different levels of erosion?
Or are the rocks different?
Or has the rate of erosion differed, for some reason?
If so, why? And what evidence is there of the rates of erosion?

Or could both eruptions have happened closer together, perhaps?
Perhaps not that long ago, even?
Nowhere near as long ago, maybe. 

Notes from Rolland Baker

My quick notes and impressions - not necessarily Rolland's exact words:

One of the 'toughest' things about revival is we get to "rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice".
"I don't have to be happy - and you can't make me!"

God's not gonna stop working on you 'til He can stand to live with you forever.

God likes hanging around happy people.

We could say of someone, "He's 'depression-challenged'".

You think laughter is useless? It's your biggest weapon! Laughing in the devil's face. That's faith! I can see how much faith your have by your teeth - by the expression on your face.

It doesn't really matter how much ministry and anointing or anything you long as you don't enjoy God, like a little kid. You can be all spent on your own ambitions and goals, but don't waste time being intimate with Him!

I'm not talking about silly, crude, grose - I'm talking about the 'joy of the Lord'. It's what sustains you, motivates you, it's your reward. You don't survive 20 years in Mozambique without it. The critics don't survive.

What is the Christian life?

Some say "If there's a mood in a Christian that doesn't make people a servant, it's the devil." But I say if you can make people 'drunk', you can teach them anything.

We won't talk about cessationism - it's a waste of time, talking about a God Who doesn't do anything. All the other false gods do stuff. Imagine one missionary family fighting 3 million false gods without any power!

So we know God does stuff. But how does it work? Do we get good at it? Learn how to release it? Do you have to be nice to Him? Beg? Pray long and hard to get more power? Just whisper in His ear? Quote the right Scripture? Say it out loud with your tongue? Maybe tongues works better? How are we supposed to deal with this idea that God has power? Looking around the world it seems like we need some power, right? So is the idea to learn how to get His power so we can use it to fix everything?

Some criticise "the love of power" over "the power of love". But does love have any teeth? Are we just supposed to love people without being able to do anything for them?

You can tell about the dead being raised. Lengthen legs. But to make sunny Queenslanders happy? That takes power! To laugh in the face of the trouble the devil is causing you.

Does God have power? Will He use it? Under what conditions will He use it? How do we get Him to use it? What kind of power? What does it mean to be a powerful Christian?

We are more than conquerors. Conquering what? In what way? What does it mean to be powerful?

Love your enemies.

I don't know of a revival that was birthed out of people feeling comfortable. You don't want a revival that's going to disrupt your routine, with a big God telling you where to go - you want to go to a church that teaches you how to tell God what to do for you. You want to stay where the economy's good, near the beach.

Someone fellow-Arminian said, "If God's in control, He's doing a bad job of it". You ever had bad stuff happen? What is Christianity. What's going on? God can't do anything - or He can do everything. On the mission-field, neither one made sense. So what's going on?

What would make somebody love God (the first commandment)? That's His first desire - that you love Him - rather than that you just run around being amazingly supernatural.

Suppose you have an amazing spiritual gift, or just value it, does that make you love God more? We charismatics act like the gold is to get stuff and do stuff. But they are not people, a person - they're tools. Of course we need tools. What person doesn't need tools. But it's not all about tools. That's like saying "If only I had Rembrandt's brushes". It's just a tool. The tools are not the house. We spend all our time trying to get the tools, displaying the amazing power of our tools, thinking they're so amazing. Awesome - look what this jack-hammer can do. It's powerful!

Often we measure our lives and ministries by how much power we've exercised, how much anointing we've displayed, how much success we've achieved, have we got to the top, assessed our goals, gotten to where we should be at our age, what have we done because the Bible says we get rewarded for what we have done, at this age we should have got this far.

It takes a lot of experience with God to know God. You don't just take a quick course, get some hands laid on you. At the end of your life what matters is not so much what you have done, but how much you love Him at that point. Lovely thought. Haha.

It's never about how much you accomplish with power - it's always about how much you love Him.

Okay, how do you measure that, how do you get that, what does that look like?

Do we measure our Christian life by how much transformation we've achieved around us, in our town. Of course we don't want them to suffer. We don't get some joy about them staying poor. We all like prosperity. But if the point is, How much do you love God, how is that displayed, proven to the glory of God? How do you get more joy. How do you lean more to God.

An imprisoned martyr can lean more to God than an empowered minister on a stage. "That's disempowering" some say. But the real point is something not necessarily displayed by power.

Healing someone doesn't necessarily mean you love that person - you might just get a kick out of healing. It has nothing to do with love sometimes.

"Prophesy who my husband is." Let's talk about Jesus.

Real power is not just getting something physical in front of your eyes - real power is the character and strength and love that will give up what you can see to get what you cannot see, set your mind on things above not on things on the earth, realising you're a stranger and pilgrim on the earth, waiting for a kingdom not made with hands, willing to give up everything on this earth if necessary to get Jesus, to put off pleasure now for something better now, the ability to gladly give up everything without complication - that's power!

Power to have a heart that just loves God. Takes up the cross. For the joy set before you, you will follow Him. That's what the Christian life is about. It's about so much love for God that you are absolutely eager to show it and prove it. You're not running from persecution, from people that hurt you, asking God to protect you from everything, you're anxious to show that you love Him, not anxious for more anointing, for trips to show amazing things, but desiring to love Him, not being shielded from everything - this is the only time we have the chance to show how much we love Him. You don't have that chance in heaven, to show faith. Faith is the most important thing.

It's the outcome of healings we're after - not the moment itself.

Even if you don't have prosperity yet, you have joy right now, because you love Him now, so you have joy now, you can laugh now. It's amazing! To be thrilled by God. That's what the Holy Spirit's for, because we human beings can't do it, we cannot rejoice in the Lord always.

The Holy Spirit give you that love for Jesus that produces the joy of the Lord.

Sometimes you go through the fire. You don't just get transported without being singed.

Ten years ago Heidi had such amazing visions of heaven she wanted to be martyred so much. She's been shot at so many times she thought, "Aw he missed!"

But if she didn't love Him that much, we would never have survived.

So if you have problems, the issue is not, how to fix it, why is it happening - it's how much do you love Him.

Those who are forgiven much love much; those who are forgiven little love little.

It happens when things are desperate. Prosperity, blessings, gifts, success, comfort - does not necessarily make you love God more, make you happy, abundant life. God knows what will. He knows how to get you to where He wants you to be for your own good, joy, reward, eternity, future. He is in control. He knows what He's doing.

Trials produce perfection. Is that what you want - to be perfect and entire, lacking nothing.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Great-Great Grandparents Johnson

married 23rd February 1878
In 1882 Charles changed his name by deed poll to Charles Johnston.

He became a naturalized citizen 12th January 1885. Sometime around 1900 he sold up everything and went to Sweden for six months. Mary and the family moved to Spring Hill Brisbane where she opened a boarding house in Upper Edward Street to support the family. They remained at this address at least until 1907. When Charles returned from Sweden he found it difficult to establish another business, so worked for someone else. Eventually came back to Ipswich.

Great-Great Grandparents Hoare

William George Hoare – born 5th January 1842
in Cornwall

Georgiana Lawrence – born 15th April 1847
in Middlesex

In June 1862 George Isaac and Ann Fletcher Lawrence left London aboard the ‘Whirlwind’. They were accompanied by their three children – Georgina 15, William 9 and Eliza Annie 2. William died aboard ship and Eliza died in South Brisbane a few days after arrival. George Isaac worked as a grocer until his death 7th March 1883.

William Hoare – no record found on passenger lists bound for Australia.  According to his death certificate he must have arrived late 1863 or early 1864.

William and Georgina married 17th June 1864 in Brisbane. William Hoare died at 48 years on 17th February 1890 leaving Georgiana 11 children.

Only 10 days after William’s death, 10-month old Elizabeth Alice died 27th February 1890.

The strain of loss affected her and she left the family and moved to Sydney alone.  15 years later she married again, aged 57. She lived to 91, and died in 1938.

Children of William and Georgina

1.     George James 1865-1944
2.     William 1868-1954
William and family joined Latter Day Saints
Visited Salt Lake City 1901
Returned to Australia for one year
Moved permanently to US in 1902
3.     Stephen 1870-1957
4.     John Isaac 1872-1944
5.     Robert Henry 1874-1933
Also joined the church and moved to Idaho and later Salt Lake City
6.     Ann Jane Amelia 1876-1968
Known as auntie Nance
7.     Herbert 1878-1971
8.     Oliver Joseph 1882-1966
9.     Arthur Edward 1884-1978
10. Ernest Alfred 1887-1965

11. Elizabeth Alice 1889-1890 (10 months old)

The family members who left Australia to live in Utah –
            William (who also took Ernest)
            Robert Henry (who took Arthur Edward).
(With Georgina gone, the two youngest boys were taken on by the older boys.)

These four and their families changed their name Hoare to their mother’s maiden name Lawrence. The name was officially changed on 8th September 1925 in the Third Judicial District Court, Salt Lake City County Utah. All the members of the family who remained in Australia retained the family name Hoare.

Hoare family home in Park Street “ALMADEN”
First Christmas at the Corinda house - 1937