Friday, 29 April 2016

Applying Old Testament Prophecies

It's interesting that many Bible-prophecies which are popularly thought to be about the future, were treated by the Lord and by the Apostles as having been already fulfilled by their time - and they used that as proof for the Gospel.

So, whatever applications Old Testament prophecies may or may not still have to the future, I consider it of utmost importance to first and foremost see the way the Apostles (in the Gospels, Acts and Epistles) cited such Bible-prophecies (from the Old Testament) and how they explained that the fulfilment in history of those prophecies was proof for their assertion that JESUS was Messiah.

Otherwise the Scriptural timeline of history and the unfolding story of redemption becomes skewiff. It leaves chunks of history unexplained, making an air-castle out of Christianity and pulling the rug on modern Judaism at the same time.

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