Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Don't Forget the 'No More Gaps'

Like nailing a sheet of board to a wall, but not using No More Gaps to make the join seamless - many have nailed some points of the Gospel okay, but miss how the Gospel itself seamlessly completes the story of Israel and of Abraham.

So they understand that the Gospel is about Gentiles experiencing salvation; they pray for healing; they're seeing people getting baptised with the Holy Spirit - but they don't quite grasp how all of that fulfils the very story of Israel (and the Law) and of Abraham (and the Promise).

Consequently, although they're thoroughly enjoying the Gospel-work they're doing, there's a part of their mind that still sees everything 'Israel' as something separate. Like maybe God does have some separate way to salvation for Jews. Or like maybe their story is yet to be completed - like during some future Jewish 'Millennium' or something. Judaism too is probably still legitimate, both now and in future.

When all along this board which they've sheeted to the wall, really was meant to be seen to join seamlessly to the sheet before it. It all fits together a whole lot better and looks far more beautiful then - like it was always meant to be.

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the natural apex of the story of Israel and of Abraham.

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