Wednesday, 6 September 2017

On Statements of Faith

A lot of churches display a Statement of Faith, on their web-pages. Usually in point-form, a bit like the historic creeds of the church.

And that's okay. There's an indication that there was a bit of a point-form gospel going around in the days of the Apostles too. It listed the most-important points, of...

...of a larger story the Apostles were telling. And I think that larger story is something we may need to recover and re-tell. The narrative.

We're not just a people with bullet-points - we're a people who are telling a story. And as a famous movie was titled, it's "the greatest story ever told".

So imagine if, under a 'What We Believe" tab on a church's webpage, a short story was told, rather than just listing bullet-points (not that we couldn't keep doing that too). What would your story be?

What story were the Apostles telling? What story do the four gospels tell? That's 'what we believe'!

Story-telling has been a way many cultures disseminate truth. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

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