Monday, 16 April 2018

Stick to Your Calling

When I was younger, it was often thought that a lot of people wanted to be an evangelist or a missionary only because they lacked the maturity to settle down and do something stable, like being a pastor. 

But over the years I reckon it's just as likely - if not more likely - that someone might instead want to settle down and do something stable, like be a pastor, even if being an evangelist or missionary or something else may be his true calling. A lot of people who are called to be an evangelist or missionary, or something else, have ended-up becoming pastors.

God has set forth the apostles last, Paul said, whereas regular Christians were living like kings as a result of the apostles' sacrificial ministries. It's really not an easy lifestyle, being a sent-one.

Ambition. Stability. Income. Lack of encouragement. Lack of role-models. Those are some of the reasons I suspect some people have become pastors who mightn't really have been called to it.

God permits it. He even opens doors for them. But if a person feels his lack of satisfaction, then God would reveal to him what his true calling is.

Maybe his true calling is such that it's possible for him to be a pastor as well. But with some callings, it might not be possible. If it isn't possible, and yet he tries to, something's eventually got to give.

It won't only strain his own constitution - it could cause him to feel like he needs to manipulate things around him in ways which could strain his relationships with others. 

But find God's uniquely tailor-made calling for your own life - and things will just happen so much more restfully.

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