Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ezekiel's Temple and John's New Jerusalem

Ezekiel's Temple. Literal or symbolic? Future or past?

If it's literal, it hasn't happened.

And it can't be future because that would involve returning to the Old Covenant.

So it might be symbolic.

After all the vision of the dry bones was probably symbolic.

If it's symbolic, did it come to pass during the Old Covenant or will it come to pass during the New?

Same question with John's New Jerusalem. Will it be literal or was it symbolic? Present or future?

I think some statements in John's passages of Scripture probably depict some things which will be culminated in future, while it seems other statements can almost certainly describe only the present functions of the Church.

And in Ezekiel's passages of Scripture, I think some things are now in the past, and it's possible I suppose that parts of it are finding a continuing fulfilment in the Church.

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