Thursday, 10 December 2015


Abraham's promise was to be through the righteousness of faith.

We know this, because he was given the promise before he was circumcised - before the Law was given. And when he was given the promise, he believed God - and He credited his faith to him for righteousness.

We've got to be righteous if we're going to inherit the promises of God - but that righteousness is a free gift from God through Jesus Christ unto all and upon all who believe.

Righteousness. What a beautiful gift!

It has made us children to Abraham. It has caused us to inherit the blessing of Abraham. Abraham's blessing is being experienced now, in them that believe.

Abraham inherited the world, in the sense that it is his children - those who follow his example of faith - who are being blessed (justified, saved).

And it all came about through Abraham's seed - singular, which was Christ Jesus. And we are in Him.

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