Monday, 31 October 2016

This is That

It helps my faith to think of the power of the Holy Spirit that accompanies the Gospel, 'not' as something else, but as precisely the prophesied future Kingdom of God (and all that will bring) made available in some real way, in the present - through the Name of Jesus, and by His resurrection from the dead. 

This Gospel-business we're in isn't something 'else' - it is 'the' fulfilment of Kingdom-prophecy.

The power of the Holy Spirit which we have been promised is not just a patch on God's real and bigger future program in Bible-Prophecy.

It is God's Kingdom program itself, brought into the present, while we wait for His second coming - precisely as prophesied.

"This is that..." said Peter, referring to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which they were receiving in the upper room, and quoting the Book of Joel.
The Jews linked that event with the still-future coming of the Messiah and His Kingdom. But Peter claimed it was happening in the present - and he didn't say 'this is something else'  - not something temporary - 'this is that'. 

The significance of that is that some of the blessing and power traditionally thought to await the future age, is available in some very real and powerful way in the present - through Jesus Christ.

This Gospel life is precisely what the Law and the Prophets predicted - it's not a parenthesis. 

It's centred around Jesus - while we await His second coming. 

That understanding of the Apostles' doctrine as it links events which they were eyewitnesses of with Old Testament prophecy, improves my concept of just what this power that we have received contains. 

It enlarges my concept of the power that's at the back of His Name. 

It is God's number one Kingdom-business. 

The use of the Name of Jesus - for salvation, deliverance, healing. For the hope of eternal life. 

This message began in Israel, fulfilling prophecy - then went to all nations, also fulfilling prophecy.

The good news of the Kingdom, of power.

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