Thursday, 24 November 2016

One Thing

It's hard to succeed at something if it's only optional to you. And also if it's merely something of an ambition. It's gotta be your life.

Like success in business. It requires a lot of work. Many successful businessmen came close to bankruptcy numerous times on the way. And they get sued. Or sometimes come under government scrutiny. Some have even been imprisoned, just for not knowing some details of the law. It's hard to endure that if business is just a hobby.

Like the Pilgrims settling America. The perils on the sea. The winter when they arrived. Wild animals. No existing township in which to find solace. They didn't do it for a hobby - or even out of grandiose ambition: they did it because they felt they had no choice. They were bound mainly by conscience, but also due to threat of persecution, or wanting to escape worldliness. It was a matter of life and conscience.

Be a person of one thing. Where everything else in your life finds its place in terms of that one thing. Let your treasure be Jesus, in heaven. 

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