Monday, 4 December 2017

Synergy of Idealist and Other Views on Revelation

Some say it's mainly about a special period of future-history immediately before the second coming of Christ. Others say it's mainly about the destruction of Jerusalem and related events, which occurred around AD70. Others say it's a timeline of events spanning the entire age of the Church.

But someone else has written that it's all mainly about not so much a sequence of historical events or eras, but sort of about the single reality that "through the awful turmoil and trouble of the world, God is establishing through Jesus a people who, following the lamb, are to bear witness to God's kingdom through their own suffering, through which the world will be brought to repentance and faith, so that ultimately God will be king over all".

So we have futurist, preterist, historicist, or...what would you call the fourth view - idealist? 

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