Monday, 18 November 2013

Intercession for the Land

One good item to pray for: is the government.

Reason: so we can peaceably spread the Gospel.

The Bible says to pray for this first of all. It's good to put first things first. Pray for the government before we pray for ourself. Try this.

We can pray for things to go well in a country. We can. And we can see results. God wouldn't ask us to pray for something that we can't expect to receive answers to. We can change things, and I'm out to do it!

Pray for rain to water the seed. The seed is the preaching of the Gospel. The rain is a move of the Holy Ghost around the world. We need to pray for that!

We need to put Christ and the Gospel first. Don't become so politically minded that you're not of much good for the Gospel. But on the other hand, don't let the devil have control of the government.

Don't be too party-minded. Get to know individual candidates.

One way the devil disrupts the spread of the Gospel is through poor government. The devil wants to stop the spread of the Gospel because after the Gospel is preached the end will come. The devil doesn't want the end to come, because he knows when the end comes his jig is up.

Someone who's praying for the government doesn't criticise the government.

Three ways to pray for the government:

1. Supplication
2. Prayers
3. Intercessions

Sometimes in intercession we stop too quickly. We see a partial answer, and we think that's it. So we stop. But if we aren't satisfied with what we're seeing, we can keep pressing in by faith. Keep the switch of faith turned on. Keep the demand up. That's why the Bible says, " in the same..." Inspect the results.

We can hold back judgement even on the unsaved.

Just because there may be more than ten righteous people in a country, doesn't automatically mean God will spare the country from judgement. Someone will have to intercede.

Yes the Bible says some bad things are going to happen. But that doesn't mean it has to happen on your watch. You can do something about it.

Just one man can stand in the gap to spare the land. Why doesn't He just do it anyway? Why doesn't He save everyone! John Wesley said something like: "It seems that God can do nothing for humanity unless somebody asks Him to do it."

Why? Because in the beginning God gave Adam dominion over the world. But he sold out to the devil and the devil became the god of this world. Until Adam's lease runs out, Satan has a right to be here. If God intervened, the devil could accuse God of injustice. But when one of us exercises our faith in Jesus, God can justly work. Through the cross Jesus gave us the means to conquer the devil, by our faith. God is waiting for someone to exercise his faith.

How do you get your people to pray? Pray yourself!

When you pray about your ministry, God may show you things to come. But they may not come to pass for many years.

Credit: Many of the above notes were written after listening to a sermon by Kenneth E. Hagin

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