Friday, 29 November 2013

Paul Agrees with Jesus

For starters, Jesus didn't contradict the Law and the Prophets - He fulfilled them.

He was also in agreement with John the Baptist's public message and ministry.

The Twelve Apostles taught all things that Jesus commanded.

Paul didn't contradict the Twelve Apostles. The Council at Jerusalem officially endorsed Paul's message and ministry.

Paul didn't contradict Jesus on any point.

Paul even appealed to the Law and the Prophets to back up what he was saying.


Jesus placed the law on a high pedestal.

But He also said, "It is finished".

He said, "This is the new covenant in my blood".

He spoke about believing on Him for salvation.

He said simply being Jewish didn't cut it.

He intimated the inclusion of Gentiles.

He spoke of a day coming when there would be a new place and manner of worship (in spirit and in truth), which would replace the then current place and manner of worship under the law (not in Jerusalem nor in this mountain at the tabernacle/temple, as the Law stipulated).

He prophesied of a day to come, within that generation, when the Temple would in fact be destroyed, making it impossible thereafter to continue worshipping in the place and after the manner prescribed by the law.


Paul venerated the Law, as Jesus also did. 

Paul spoke about the righteousness of the law being fulfilled in us.

He said the law is good if a man use it lawfully.

He said all Scripture is profitable for instruction in righteousness.

He said the Scriptures are able to make you wise unto salvation.

He said all things were written for our learning.

He said the law and the Prophets gave witness to Christ.

He said that the lifestyle of walking in the Spirit which he encouraged has no point of law against it.

He was against sin. Against transgression. Against lawlessness. His message didn't teach a lifestyle that had points of law against it. His message taught people to deny ungodly lusts and to walk in love, which fulfilled the law.

He appealed to the law to back up his views.

It's just that Paul - like Jesus, like the Twelve, like John the Baptist - taught that salvation is not through the law as a comprehensive system and not through and not limited to Jewish ethnicity. It is through Jesus.

They each taught that salvation is through a new system - through Jesus - for everyone. 

They each taught that the resulting lifestyle of the believer in fact fulfils the law. 


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