Friday, 20 May 2016

Law in the Bible

The word 'law' doesn't always refer to the same thing, in the Bible.
Sometimes it refers to the entire Old Testament canon.
Another time it refers to the first five books only.
Another time, to the complete system of Law which Moses gave to Israel - as a unit, the composite whole, the overall contract.
Another time, to the Ten Commandments only.
Other times, to an individual point of law in Moses' Law.
Still other times, to ethics which all human beings should instinctively know - distinct from Moses' system of Law, a 'law' which existed before and after it, regardless of whether or not they knew Moses' written Law.
Another time, it refers simply to a spiritual principle or dynamic.
Then again, it can refer to the godly ethics which we live as believers in Jesus even though we're not obligated to Moses' Law as the composite religious system that it was.
That's why it's correct to say both that we're not under the law, and that we're under the law to Christ - because it all depends on us understanding the sense in which the Bible meant it.

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