Thursday, 26 May 2016

Loyalty to Time, Place and Subject in Bible-Prophecy

It's important not to overlook the geophysical, ethnic and chronological components in Bible-Prophecies and their fulfilment.

Certainly, history can be taken as type.

Certainly Israel's promised-blessing was experienced only by believing-Israelites.

Certainly Israel's blessing was then extended to include believing-Gentiles, as prophesied.

Certainly the remainder of Israelites were never barred from any more opportunity to repent and believe.

Certainly all believers then comprised a new identity together, called the Church, which is Christ's Body.

Certainly there were ongoing provisions, ramifications and fruition from all that.

Certainly there is a consummation-phase still to come, at Christ's Second Coming.

And certainly there are daily, personal applications that can be made from fulfilled-prophecies.

But none of that could be true, without there having first been the fulfilment of Israel's promises - on the ground in Israel, in history, on time, already, for/in/and through ethnic Israelites, all as prophesied.

Can you think of reasons why that's important?

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