Friday, 21 July 2017

Something to Laugh About

Seeing that Abraham's larger Promise (which mainly was about the Messiah, and Messiah's program) was always going to, and did, embrace all the world (into the church, which is His body) not only Israel (Jacob's descendants), it was therefore not necessary for Gentile believers in Jesus to put on the Jews' cultural markers. Things like circumcision, the dietary laws, sabbaths and feast-days. The Jewish label. They didn't need to become proselytes to Judaism. Jesus was everything - they were made completely complete in Him. 

That is what Abraham foresaw! The promise spoken before Israel was even born, before the Law was ever given. All nations just BLEST - in Him - in JESUS! Regardless of ethnicity, and without the deeds of the Law. No wonder the prospect of it inspired Abraham and Sarah to name their firstborn son Isaac (meaning, he shall laugh)! 

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