Saturday, 6 February 2016

Moses and Jesus

Moses indeed wrote of Jesus.

Like in Genesis, Moses wrote how God promised Abraham that in his seed (not seeds, plural - but seed, singular which was Christ) all families of the earth (all nations, without distinction) would be blessed (saved, justified).

Jesus explained, "Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it and was glad".

That promise was given BEFORE the nation of Israel was ever constituted; before the Law was ever given to them; before the Old Covenant was made with them. Those things, which were only introduced afterwards, were neither here nor there as far as the Promise goes!

In fact, the Promise presupposes the removal of the Law, and the bringing-in of a New Covenant - because those things (the Law, and the Old Covenant) excluded the Gentiles, while the Promise was to be for ALL nations.

Yes Moses wrote about Jesus - and the Jews ought to have recognised that. But that doesn't mean that EVERYTHING Moses ever wrote was intended as a requirement for all people for all time. Of course not!

It didn't mean believing-Gentiles were to become Observant of Judaism - but it did mean even Moses is witness that the whole world is now meant to receive JESUS

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