Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Law Written on the Hearts

There is a law which existed with God before Moses' Law was given - otherwise there was no sin until Moses.  

Moses' Law later expressed that law in a way that God decided was appropriate to His purposes for Jews at that time. 

The nations didn't have Moses' Law, but that didn't mean they didn't already have the law written on their hearts - and so we all needed a Saviour, even those who didn't have Moses' Law.

Christ fulfilled the law by fulfilling Moses' Law; and through His death, burial and resurrection on the third day brought us grace - as prophesied in Moses' writings. The new creation now fulfils the law - which had been the objective of Moses' Law anyway. 

We truly fulfil the same objective which Moses' Law could only foreshadow - but that's not to say we must literally carry-out Moses' Law (as the composite-unit, the complete system that it was, in all its precise details, as if the system now applies directly to us literally unequivocally).

And there you have the Gospel.

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