Monday, 29 February 2016


I don't think the first day of the week is the new sabbath.

I think it's okay for a church to form a habit of gathering on the first day of the week (like the church at Ephesus did).

Or the church could meet on any day and everyday (like the church at Jerusalem did).

The Jewish Sabbath was always the seventh day (beginning when Moses gave the Law).

But God's rest which He entered into on the seventh day, was a permanent state of rest - not a weekly cycle of work/rest.

There's no record that the patriarchs religiously observed a weekly sabbath prior to the giving of the Law.

The law of the sabbath was given after man fell, to the Jews - and served as a weekly reminder that mankind had fallen from God's rest and needed a sanctifier.

It was observed weekly, because the weekly sabbath itself had no power to actually bring mankind into that rest. It could only show man his need of it, and foreshadow it.

That true rest was brought to us by Jesus. Someone who has entered into it has permanently ceased from his own work (striving under the Law) - like God permanently ceased from His.

Since Jesus has given us the true rest, and sanctified and made us perfect forever, we no longer need the weekly reminder of our need.

Since we have the substance, we no longer need the shadow.

The shadow is fulfilled in us - in our daily, permanent, living experience.

Sunday didn't replace it - JESUS is it! And we are in Him.

So in the New Covenant no one day is more important than another. But if someone's faith and conscience still makes him feel obligated, then it's okay for someone to feel that he should honour one day above another. Live and let live, said Paul.

But here's the important thing: how well do you know the One who declared Himself to be greater than the sabbath? Truly knowing Him for Who He is, is the wellspring of eternal life, rest, wisdom and understanding.

He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.

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