Monday, 16 January 2017

Tongues is For Today

I think all of Mark 16, is authoritative.

But in any case, everything in the verses disputed by some in Mark 16 is restated elsewhere in the New Testament.

So if you don't believe those verses in Mark, at least believe the same themes elsewhere in the New Testament!

"By two or three witnesses let every word be established".

Tongues is mentioned all the way through Acts; and in I Corinthians, not only in Mark 16.

Picking up snakes or taking poison was never intended to be a deliberate activity. But if a person happens to pick up a snake, like Paul did on the island of Melita, they were promised safety. This sign came to pass in Paul's experience, resulting in the conversion of many on the island.

It's absurd to think, as someone suggested, that the mention of tongues in Mark was only for the Twelve Apostles. So many others in the Bible besides the Twelve spoke in tongues.

120 on the day of Pentecost; then most likely all the converts at Samaria; Cornelius' household; people at Ephesus - plus in other places where the Apostles ministered in Acts, just because it doesn't mention that they spoke in tongues, doesn't mean they didn't. For example, there's no mention in Acts that the Corinthians spoke in tongues, however it's obvious from I Corinthians that many of them did; there's no mention in Acts that even Saul (Paul) spoke in tongues - but we know from I Corinthians that he also did.

Tongues is all the way through the New Testament, with no let-up towards the latter years. And there is no authoritative writings which state tongues have ceased.

"Tongues shall cease" - not, tongues have ceased.

And it's for you.

Someone said: There's a difference between Bible-Study and revival. In revival, people believe the Bible.

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