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Great-Great Grandparents Hoare

William George Hoare – born 5th January 1842
in Cornwall

Georgiana Lawrence – born 15th April 1847
in Middlesex

In June 1862 George Isaac and Ann Fletcher Lawrence left London aboard the ‘Whirlwind’. They were accompanied by their three children – Georgina 15, William 9 and Eliza Annie 2. William died aboard ship and Eliza died in South Brisbane a few days after arrival. George Isaac worked as a grocer until his death 7th March 1883.

William Hoare – no record found on passenger lists bound for Australia.  According to his death certificate he must have arrived late 1863 or early 1864.

William and Georgina married 17th June 1864 in Brisbane. William Hoare died at 48 years on 17th February 1890 leaving Georgiana 11 children.

Only 10 days after William’s death, 10-month old Elizabeth Alice died 27th February 1890.

The strain of loss affected her and she left the family and moved to Sydney alone.  15 years later she married again, aged 57. She lived to 91, and died in 1938.

Children of William and Georgina

1.     George James 1865-1944
2.     William 1868-1954
William and family joined Latter Day Saints
Visited Salt Lake City 1901
Returned to Australia for one year
Moved permanently to US in 1902
3.     Stephen 1870-1957
4.     John Isaac 1872-1944
5.     Robert Henry 1874-1933
Also joined the church and moved to Idaho and later Salt Lake City
6.     Ann Jane Amelia 1876-1968
Known as auntie Nance
7.     Herbert 1878-1971
8.     Oliver Joseph 1882-1966
9.     Arthur Edward 1884-1978
10. Ernest Alfred 1887-1965

11. Elizabeth Alice 1889-1890 (10 months old)

The family members who left Australia to live in Utah –
            William (who also took Ernest)
            Robert Henry (who took Arthur Edward).
(With Georgina gone, the two youngest boys were taken on by the older boys.)

These four and their families changed their name Hoare to their mother’s maiden name Lawrence. The name was officially changed on 8th September 1925 in the Third Judicial District Court, Salt Lake City County Utah. All the members of the family who remained in Australia retained the family name Hoare.

Hoare family home in Park Street “ALMADEN”
First Christmas at the Corinda house - 1937

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