Monday, 16 January 2017

A Prophetic Revelation of Australia's History

One day I said to the Lord, "I really need to understand Australia's history, from Your point of view."

I'd been visiting historical sites in Parramatta NSW, but noticed I felt some difficulty truly celebrating Australia's colonial past.

Many Australians had a somewhat wounded social-conscience, in contrast to the patriotic Americans - because we'd heard about atrocities committed against Aborigines. Should we even celebrate Australia as it is, at all? I really needed to know God's perspective on it.

Soon afterwards when I knelt to pray, I straightaway went into a vision. My surroundings seemed to disappear, and I was taken into a scene, to a time before the British colonisation of the land, more than 200 years ago.

I saw an aboriginal man, traditionally clothed, step through a clearing in the scrub and onto the open beach on the East coast of Australia.

I could almost feel the breeze on his face. He felt carefree, like things had always been as they were, and with no thought that they might ever change.

Then as he was looking out to sea, he noticed something he'd never seen before - a brightness on the horizon. It couldn't be the sunrise, for it was already high-noon. Whatever could it be, he wondered.

As the rays of light became brighter and brighter, he knew that whatever the source of the light, it was soon to appear. He stood, eyes transfixed on the horizon, his anticipation soaring almost to fever-pitch.

Then it happened - a glorious city appeared above the horizon of the sea. It rose higher and higher and moved closer and closer, until it came and stood directly above him. He gazed upwards, beholding grandeur and beauty such as he'd never seen before. His excited feelings of anticipation soon gave place to serenity and joy.

Then the city began to lower itself - and plonked itself right on the land. The city had walls, and the city was so large it occupied the entire continent of Australia from sea to sea with only a centimetre of land outside its walls.

Inside the walls were buildings - homes - some of the dwellings had white windows, and some had black windows.

I looked to see whether white meant good and black meant evil - but it didn't: it just meant different.

And then the vision ended.

I knew straightaway what it meant: God was up to something good!

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