Tuesday, 21 February 2017

More on Romans 11

Reading Romans 11:1-24, 28-36 again, it seems to me Paul was simply asserting that it was still possible for Jewish individuals to get saved.
He was answering a first-century misconception, that God had closed the opportunity for Jews to be saved. God hadn't closed that opportunity, Paul asserted. Jews could still be saved.
Paul was simply explaining a timeless truth of the Gospel, something that was already seeing its expression in the first century AD.

It's not clear that Paul was instead presenting an eschatology.
Therefore verses 25-27 were probably not eschatological either - but were probably the succinct summary of his arguments in the rest of the chapter.
But even if Paul's statements were intended instead as an eschatology, still some of his statements would paint a very different picture to the popular end-times framework.
Just my impression, approaching the text without presuppositions.

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