Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Work of God

If you want to look at what God is doing around the world, look at what man (believers) are doing - because anything God does in the world, He does through a man - through a believer, through someone acting, acting his faith, acting on the Word.

The Reformation happened because someone got ahold of what the Word was saying about something, and acted on it, and believed to see it take hold in their world.

The charismatic renewal happened because people saw some things in the Word, and started facilitating it in their meetings.

A missionary movement happened because someone started acting on a missionary-vision.

And once someone acts on something, and others act on the same thing, it catches on and more people starting acting on the same thing too.

So, what can we see God do in our day? What can we facilitate? What can we do - how can we act? What do you see in the Word? We can act on it and see it happen - see God do it.

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