Saturday, 4 February 2017


Before Israel went into captivity, the Prophets foretold that God would afterwards regather Israel to their land, He would commission the rebuilding of their Temple, and He would reinstate Levitical sacrifices and feasts.
God isn't interested, this side of the cross, in returning to the shadow - to Levitical sacrifices. So the fulfilment of those details in the Prophecies must be in the past, while the Old Covenant still stood.
Many people think it's still future. You often hear them answer that 'God' won't commission the Temple and sacrifices in future but Israel will do it anyway.
And some Israelites very well might do so in future! But if they do, that COULDN'T BE THE FULFILMENT OF THE BIBLE PROPHECIES - because the Biblical Prophecies spoke of 'GOD' commissioning the rebuilding of the Temple - and spoke of resuming sacrifices as a NECESSITY, as the way of worship which GOD would specifically REQUIRE. But that isn't God's requirement any more. That isn't what God is doing anymore. And the Prophecies never foretold of Israel doing it off their own bat, in unbelief - they spoke of 'God' doing it! So the prophecies can't be future.
God already fulfilled those promises to Israel - after they returned from captivity.
That's one way we can defend our faith that Jesus is Messiah. Because according to Malachi, Messiah was to come to Israel at a time when His Temple and Levitical sacrifices would be in legitimate existence (Malachi 3). The Temple and priesthood were destroyed after AD70. So Messiah had to come on the scene before then. And Messiah did come - Jesus of Nazareth.

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