Wednesday, 22 February 2017

So You Want to Keep the Torah

If you don't keep the whole Torah, you're not keeping the Torah at all.

If you don't offer sacrifices on the altar in Jerusalem with a Levite priest, you're not keeping the Torah.

If you try to keep the Torah, you're not keeping the Torah - because the Torah included its own sunset clause, by predicting a new covenant. 

The only way to 'keep' the Torah now that the new covenant has come, is to embrace the new covenant instead of the 'Torah'.

In the new covenant, God made a new heart in us, by His Holy Spirit - causing us to walk in His ways.

Thus we fulfil the righteousness of Divine law - without literally carrying-out the Torah (as the literal, religious unit that it once was) - but by receiving the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Then, since we live in the Spirit, we can walk in the Spirit. We can walk in love. And love is the fulfilling of Divine law - for God is love.

We are made sons, not merely servants.

And this blessing (the gift of righteousness through faith without the deeds of the Law) is for all nations, regardless of ethnicity.

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