Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord

Some notes/thoughts after listening to Kenneth E. Hagin

Prayer is prayer. Yeah, sport is sport too, but different sports are played by different rules. Same with prayer. There are different kinds of prayer, which work differently.

  • The prayer of faith is a prayer to change things

  • The prayer of consecration isn't a prayer to change things. Thank God, Jesus wasn't trying to change anything when He prayed, "Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt"

  • The prayer of casting your cares upon the Lord. While ever you haven't cast your cares upon the Lord, you're still going to be carrying your cares. But once you've cast your cares upon the Lord, the pity-party is over.

    Once you've cast it upon the Lord, you can't talk about it anymore. Just absolutely refuse to worry. Pass up some great opportunities to worry.  

    "Take no thought for tomorrow" means don't be overly concerned.

    Being anxious for nothing is something we practise, and get better at.

    Prayer is not only getting in His presence - prayer is living in His presence.

    You'll become an oddity to others, because others will talk like the Bible's true then live like everybody else. But you'll be anxious for nothing; you'll take no overly-anxious thought for the morrow.

    People might think you don't have enough sense to worry, when really you have too much sense to worry.

    We always walk by faith, not by sight.

    Sometimes you don't have to fast, nor increase your prayer-time - just turn it over to the Lord. Just marvellous things happen when you turn it over to Him.

    We have to do our part - but too often we're trying to do our part, God's part and everyone else's part, and still nothing happens.

    You can decide you're not going to lose one wink of sleep, and miss one meal (unless the Lord leads you to fast).

    Repent of the sin of worry. And then cast it all on the Lord, and refuse to worry. Say, "I'll never have the blues".

    How do you do it? By faith. God's Word is true.

    Turn loose of it - cast it on Him - roll it off onto Him.

    Alright, have you done it?

    Put your hand up and say out loud:

    "I don't have a care. I don't have a worry. I'm not overly anxious. I've rolled it all off on Jesus."

    Oh glory to God! Now put your other hand up and thank Him. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus. Blessed be His Name. 

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