Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Which of the following was the Apostles' doctrine:

A. The Gospel is just a parenthesis B. The Law was just a parenthesis
Which of the following is taught in the New Testament: A. This Gospel was pretty-much unforeseen in Old Testament Prophecy B. The Gospel is the ultimate theme of Old Testament promise, shadow and prophecy

How about this: A. At some future time God must put aside His current focus on the Gospel and the Church, and start fulfilling the main themes of Old Testament promises and prophecies, or B. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the scheme by which Old Testament promises, shadows and prophecies see their fulfilment.
Or this:
A. Israel's Prophesied Messianic Kingdom-Salvation has been completely delayed until the future B. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the precise manner in which Israel's Prophesied Messianic Kingdom-salvation sees its fulfilment
And this:
A. The Gospel is for Gentiles now, then it will be for Israel in the future; or B. The Gospel was to the Jew first, and also to the Greek
A. The Gospel of grace, received by the Gentile Church, is something else; or B. Gentiles were grafted in to the same salvation that was experienced by Jewish believers first

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