Thursday, 2 March 2017

When Less is More

Sometimes the way to have a better ministry among a certain people, is to have less of a ministry among them.

Some people, when they realise God has used them to have some input in a certain group, and it's appreciated by the group, feel they want to sure-up their ministry in the group, or maximise it, by attempting to continue to pave more interaction for themself in that group. Sometimes it's the group itself that seems to be wanting you to have more of a role.

For example, they might seem to want you to be continuously involved in the nitty-gritty, ongoing affairs of their lives. Or you might want to try to become somewhat of a pastor to that group. But you might not be cut-out for that, even though at first you might think you are. And they might not feel like relating to you fully as a pastor, like you might be expecting, even though at first it might look like they would like to. In time that can over-burden the relationship. You might not know in advance what the cracks might look like, when they begin to appear.

Whereas if you'd contented yourself with the initial input you had, or the specific role you had, for which you were greatly appreciated, and resisted the pressure or the urge to assume more of a role, then your burden on the relationship would have remained light, and you would have continued to be appreciated for what you genuinely contributed, for what your God-given role really is. The relationship would stay fresh.

You might desire to feel connected - but let God connect you in the Body the way He sees fitting.

Sometimes resisting too strong a connection in a group, is the way to be more ideally connected to the group.

When people were so impressed with Jesus' ministry they wanted to take Him and make Him a king, he slipped away from their company. It wasn't Jesus' time! Jesus set His face like a flint, towards Calvary - to the point many were offended that He didn't visit or stay longer in their villages. But had Jesus given-in, He couldn't have gone on to become their Saviour.

I once heard Dr Rodney Howard-Browne say that he was more of a blessing to Africa by having left Africa.

Stay your course in life! That's where the ease, the freshness, the blessing, the best relationships with everyone will be.

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