Monday, 6 March 2017

Let God Take Care of It

One day I picked up the phone, to call the City Council.
We were seeing increasing numbers of Common Myna's, acting aggressively towards two native Peewees.
The Peewees lived in our yard. One of them followed us around the yard, or tapped on the window wherever we were sitting inside - my parents became a little bit fond of it.
At first I thought of getting an air-rifle.
Then a couple of days later I came across a pile of black and white feathers in the garden, and I really wished I had: because it looked like one of the Peewees had met his day.
But I found out air-rifles are illegal. So I was thinking of inquiring about bird-traps which the Council offers particularly to trap Common Myna's.
Just when I was about to dial the number, however, I felt in my heart not to worry about it.
"I can take care of it," I seemed to hear the Spirit of my Father say.
I relinquished control of the matter, and committed it instead to the Lord.
And I'm not sure that a Myna has been seen in our yard ever since!
Today I overheard mum happily telling dad that there were three Peewees on the back deck - two adults, with a young-one. I can hear one chirping away as I write.
What can God take care of for you?

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