Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wherefore Didst Thou Doubt

A Facebook Friend of mine, a commercial airline pilot, posted a short video of the view from the cockpit, a view of the Andes coming in from Chile, I think.

You can hear the engines. The wide views the pilots get. Gives you a sense of awe.

Some instrumentation came into view. You realise the gravity of what it is to be a pilot.

As the camera panned right, his co-pilot's face came into view a little bit. What I noticed was how calm the young pilot looked.

Despite the seriousness of his role, so calm. I've seen more tension on the face of a worker at a simple construction site!

I realised, it's because the pilot knows his stuff. It doesn't matter how serious it is, nor  how crucial it is to be accurate - he knows his stuff, and therefore he's calm.

Jesus was like that. In the face of a storm threatening the disciples' lives, He was calm. How? Because He knew His Father - He knew His stuff.

And amazingly He expected His disciples to be calm - to have faith. It surprised Him when they doubted.

We can so "know our stuff" - that we are calm in the midst of impossibilities. Right up to the last minute. Even beyond ourselves.

We can know that we've heard from God; that we've stepped out on His Word; that what we do we do by God; and know that He's carrying us; He's buoying us up; He'll provide; He'll come through for us. And be calm about it.

We needn't look tense while we're trusting God.

Another reason the pilot looked calm, is because he didn't actually have to do much. It was on auto-pilot. All he had to do was be there, pretty much.

All we have to pretty much do is be there too. Because we're on auto-pilot too, in a sense. It is God Who will come through for us - we can't make happen what we need Him to do and what only He can do. So we can be relaxed and wait for God to do His part, and watch it unfold as He does.

And there's still another reason the young co-pilot looked calm. He had the senior pilot - the captain - my Facebook Friend - by his side.

And we have a helper - the Holy Spirit - with us always. "I will never leave you nor forsake you," Jesus said. If we ever do lose our calm, He's always there to bail us out, no matter what!


1. Hear from God

2. Step out in faith

3. Wait assuredly, restfully, peacefully for Him to do what only He can do

4. And you'll watch it happen!


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