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Ancestry Notes

(Bruce's Grandfather and Grandmother)
Charles Johnson (great-grandfather to Bruce)
Born in Sweden 1st April 1850 in a town called KALMER
He moved to Denmark in March 1869 aged 19 and lived in FCHLESWIG, Denmark
Migrated to Australia in 1874 on "The HERSCHEL", a fully-rigged sailing ship of 743 or 747 tons, Captain E. Friedrichs, from Hamburg April 1 for Brisbane, with immigrants, arriving 16th July.
Charles died in Brisbane 20th Nov.1935 (85 years)

(The year before it passed Dover, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, sighted Cape Pillar, and anchored off Cape Moreton, having left 30th March, 1873.) 

Charles died in Brisbane 20th Nov.1935 (85 years)

Captain: Friedrichs, E.
Shipping Line: Rob. M. Sloman & Co.
Shipping Clerk: C. A. Mathei
Ship Type: Segelschiff
Ship Flag: Deutschland
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: Brisbane, Queensland
Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 030 A

The Herschel, ship, from Hamburg, arrived off Cape Moreton on Tuesday morning, after a passage of 104 days, and at date of departure had embarked 368 immigrants for this port, viz.:?8 full-paying, 30 assisted, 294 free, and 36 remittance passengers ; their social condition being 54 married males, 57 married females, 113 single men, 52 single women, 34 male and 44 female children, and 7 male and 7 female infants. Their occupations are marked as 47 female domestic servants, 156 farm laborers, 3 shoemakers, 2 brushmakera, and 1 butcher. The Netherlands-India S.N. Co.'s s., Atzeh, 1450, is announced to leave on or about August 17 for the Northern Ports as inducement offers, also Port Darwin, Sourabaya,Batavia, and Singapore.
The Queenslander, Brisbane, Queensland, Saturday 18 July 1874

  • Captain Friedrichs furnishes the following
  • report of the passage of the Herschel:Left
  • Hamburg April 1, and proceeded down to Cux-
  • to anchor. On April 4, weighed and went to
  • Dover on the 11th, and the ship was off
  • the Start on 13th, where a very heavy
  • gale was experienced. Early on 14th,
  • the gale abating a little, we sighted
  • signals flying from the fore-rigging, mainmast
  • gone, and on her beam ends. Hove the ship to
  • sea was running too high to permit of a boat being
  • the whole of the crew, nine in number, and
  • Hope on June 6; ran down the easting in the
  • parallel of 45° S., meeting with strong westerly
  • experienced. Passed Cape Otway July 5,
  • 11th, but in consequence of baffling winds
  • on July 16, at 10 a.m., and landing, the pas-
  • sengers all well the same day.

  • July 17. Herschel, ship, 773 tons, Captain E.
  • A. Friedrichs, from Hamburg, with 367 immi-
  • grants. Berens, Ranniger, and Co., agents.
  • Herschel, ship, from Hamburg: 1 case musi-
  • cal instruments, 1 case wearing apparel, 7 bales
  • hemp, 1 box, Berens, Ranniger, and Co.

Mary  was born in Berlin Germany 1860
Came to Australia aged 5
Died 23rd Aug. 1906 of pneumonia (46 years old)

Mary's Parents
Whilam Luder & family - arrived in 1865 on the L A ROCHELLE
1. Mary's mother was Anna Stiena CASELOW
2. The family came from Brandenburg, Berlin
Whilam died in 1870 (34 years) after a horse accident
The mother married again (after being widowed with Mary and a five-month old son). Married in 1870 to Whilam Robb who was a widower left with three children. Their marriage produced a son. The family lived in Brisbane Zion (Nundah), Ma Ma Creek and eventually 11 acres off Beduhn Road which were German settlement areas.

Mary possibly had an unhappy childhood and was raised by Mrs Peters from about 8 to 10 years of age.
Mary (LUDER) and Charles married 23rd Feb.1878 (he 28 - she 18).
In 1882 he changed his surname by deed poll from FREDERICKSON to Johnson (also used Johanson son of Johann).
At first they lived in the German settlement near Ipswich, then moved into Ipswich. The family home was 22 Murphy Street. Their business - a tailor shop - would have been close by. Auntie Gladys Hoare thinks it was between Ellenborough Street and South Street.
They raised a large family, one of which was Anasterina (Annie) who married Herbert Hoare (becoming Bruce's grandparents).
All of the Johnson family were Salvation Army and most, if not all, were married in uniform. I was told there were two reasons for this: 1. it was a witness; 2. cheaper.

NOTES on Herbert Hoare

Rose to Sargeant Major in the Salvation Army.
Served in Cooktown, Gympie, Rosewood, People's Palace Brisbane.
Wrote many articles for War Cry and many pamphlets
Later served in Methodist (Uniting) and Congregational denominations.
Later worked with the Temperance Union the rest of his life (as well as still writing many letters to the editor of the QT and possibly Brisbane papers)

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