Friday, 19 July 2013

Is Radiometric Dating Accurate?

I don't have enough information about radiometric dating, therefore I have reservations about it. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm asserting that it can't ever be correct -  it just means I'm reserving acceptance of it so far.
I don't know everything about the science behind aeronautics either for example, but every time I see an aeroplane fly over, I see practical evidence that at least a major part of the science of aeronautics is workable. I'm aware that the science of aeronautics is being applied regularly by independent aeroplane manufacturers all around the world; and everyday aeroplanes are being flown around the globe every second, and passengers are arriving safely at their destinations. So although I don't know everything about the science of aeronautics, I don't need to be reserved in my assent that aeronautics is by-and-large correct as a field of science. The science is being applied practically by independent people all over the world for us all to observe everyday.
But when it comes to radiometric dating, I'm not aware of the existence of anything practical (like flying is practical) which relies on the science, which could validate the theory. I'm not aware of any practical applications of the theory which are being applied independently and which practically demonstrate that the theory must by-and-large be correct or workable.
How about you? Are you knowledgeable about any practical applications of the theory of radiometric dating which practically rely on the theory?

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