Monday, 26 December 2016

Faith and Ministry

When Jesus needed a place to prepare the passover to eat with His disciples, He wasn't prepared in advance with resources to hire a venue. But in the spirit He knew exactly how it would transpire, right down to the detail of what the disciples would meet as soon as they entered into the city, and how the conversation should go. Jesus even put a demand on one of His unnamed servants.

And that's entirely legitimate in the life of faith and service (ministry)! The example of Jesus means that we don't necessarily have to be overflowing in resources to the point we own our own venue, or rent a venue in advance, and pre-plan it in the natural, although sometimes it can; but we can know in advance how the Father plans to provide for our need; we can see it or know it in the spirit; it can involve placing a demand on someone else's resources and willingness.

Go - and you will find...

Don't be intimidated into feeling that's always illegitimate or inadequate. Very often it's the Jesus way!

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