Friday, 16 December 2016

Not Antisemitic

If Old Testament Prophecies about Israel have now already been fulfilled, that's not antisemitic - it takes nothing away from modern Israelis - because once fulfilled, the promises were never revoked.

It puts modern Israelis in the best possible position potentially, because it means the Scriptures which contained the promises and prophecies about Israel served like articles of incorporation - articles of association - corporate charter - certificates of incorporation. Any Israeli can at any time therefore claim his rights and privileges.

Objective historical facts: God regathered Judah and Israel from Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, like the Prophets foretold. The Temple was rebuilt, and Levitical sacrifices were reinstated. In that historical setting, Messiah did come, as foreseen. He did make the New Covenant. He did inaugurate the promised Kingdom-salvation, through the way of the cross. Many Jews began experiencing it in power!

Israelis are on this side of promise and prophecy, not stuck back on the other side still waiting! And that door, once opened to Jews, has never since been closed to them - it's still open to any Israeli who turns from unbelief, and simply believes.

That's not bad new for Israelis - it's good news - and it's for all of us!

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