Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Object of All Scripture

1) All nations would be blessed, in Abraham's seed.
Seed singular, not seeds plural.
The Promise was spoken before Israel was born, and before the Law was given.
It was to be for all nations without distinction, and did not involve the Law.
2) Abraham's natural descendants were given a land-promise.
3) Israel was born a couple of generations later, and given a temporary law some generations after that. They were made custodians of the Promise. Israel and Judah later became divided. The prophets foretold that both Israel and Judah were soon to go into temporary captivity.
4) They were assured in advance that their ethnicity would not cease to exist while in captivity, but they would be preserved, rid of idolatry, then regathered to their land, reunited as a single nation, their Temple would be rebuilt, Levitical worship and sacrifices would resume, many of their enemy-nations would meet their demise, and proselytes from many nations would begin making the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to observe the Feast.
5) In that setting, Messiah and His Kingdom was to come: as a teaching, healing Saviour; meekly, as a suffering, atoning servant, making a new covenant with Israel, all the dead will rise, there will be a final judgment, and He will reign gloriously as King, there shall be new heavens and a new earth.
6) But immediately prior to the Lord's debut on the scene, a messenger would come - 'Elijah' - to prepare the people of Israel for His coming; then the Lord would come - and together the two would see many in Israel turn to righteousness, including many priests. But still, for many Jews the Day of the Lord would instead end-up being a day of judgment, the prophet warned.
7) Salvation would be procured for all Israel, and proclaimed to all - but not all would believe and receive. Many would be blinded and hardened. A remnant would receive.
8) Gentiles also would hear and believe and receive and come into relationship with God. The isles would wait for His law.
9) In the historical setting of that taking place, the Temple and holy city sadly would again be destroyed, the sacrificial system would be made to cease, and the Jews would again be deported around the world. This didn't mean however that God was closing the door to Jews. A Jew could still turn from unbelief and experience the promise.
10) From that point in history onwards would come a period of history of unknown duration, in which many would be turned to righteousness and many would fall - and then the final resurrection will come, when the righteous will receive their inheritance and shine forever.
The revelation of the New Testament is that the prophesied coming of Messiah and His Kingdom-scheme has also been fulfilled - in two phases:
Kingdom now/not yet
First coming/second coming
Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, we now live with a new and real sense of fulfilment - even though we still await His glorious second coming.
The remnant of true Israel within Israel - true Jews among Jews experienced it first - then Gentiles also came into the same experience, thus fulfilling Prophecy.
That is known as the Gospel. The Apostles' doctrine.
The Gospel scheme of things is the intended fulfilment of Old Testament Prophecy! It is what Abraham foresaw.
Paul explained, "And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed."
Jesus also said, "Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad."
All nations without distinction are justified by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ, without the deeds of the Law.
The purpose of all Scripture, and the effective of its objective historical fulfilment, is that it validates the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Gospel of grace, the Gospel of the Kingdom, the everlasting Gospel, and there is no other Gospel.
It's all about JESUS.

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