Saturday, 17 December 2016

Israel's Promises

Paul's definition of the true Israel:
Imagine a circle, representing ancient ethnic Israelites.
Now imagine another circle inside that circle - that's the true Israel - a true Jew!
Next imagine people from outside both circles - people of all nations - streaming in and making that small circle the biggest circle.
Meanwhile imagine certain people in the ethnic-Israelite circle but not part of the true-Israel circle observing this, wanting in, and deciding to become part of the true-Israel circle (the circle which Jesus called "my church" - Gk Ekklesia - called-out ones, assembly, group - the body of Messiah - the people who are connected to God's prophesied Messianic program).
That was the manner in which Old Testament prophecies (which had said that "all Israel will be saved") were seeing their outworking, Paul explained:
The worldwide salvation which had been promised to Abraham (before Israel was even born, before the Law was ever given) - the promise of which ethnic Israel later became the custodians - it hadn't failed - the true Israel had obtained it, and all the nations of the Gentiles also came to participate in it, thus fulfilling the promise to Abraham - but the ethnic Israelites who didn't believe were missing out; 
And that outcome didn't mean God had closed the door to salvation (from His point of view) on a Jew. Any ethnic Jew who turned from unbelief to faith in Jesus Christ, could still get saved. Paul himself was an example of that very thing happening!
True Jews first, then Gentiles, meanwhile more ethnic Jews being added-in while the Gospel continues to be preached among all nations and Gentiles continue streaming in...
...and then the end will come, Jesus said.
That's the precise scenario which fulfils promise, type and prophecy!
"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law" ( Romans 3:28).

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