Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Gospel =

The Gospel =

Kingdom Now/Not Yet. 


First coming/Second Coming. 

Old things have passed away/the world will pass away.

All things are made new/we await the renewal of all things.

We've passed already from death to life/we await the future resurrection.

The prince of this world is judged/coming Day of judgment.

We are justified/we shall be saved from wrath.

We have eternal life/we shall inherit eternal life.

Christ in you/the hope of glory.

The time that spans in-between Messiah's first and second comings doesn't change anything: it's all part of the same Gospel/Kingdom scheme.

This is something brand new - unlike anything that was available under the Old Covenant law.

We therefore already live with a sense of fulfilment, even though we await its consummation.

This is the Gospel of the Kingdom - the Gospel of grace - the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. One Gospel!

The Apostles' doctrine.

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