Saturday, 24 September 2016

God's Kingdom-Plan for Israel

The Gospel isn't just some unforeseen parenthesis temporarily added while we wait for God to get back to His Kingdom-plan for Israel:
The Gospel 'is' God's Kingdom-plan for Israel!
The Gospel was always called the Gospel 'of' the Kingdom:
Not only in the Gospels...
...but also in Acts, all the way to the last chapter.
Paul preached the same Gospel to Gentiles that Jesus preached to Israel:
The good news of the Kingdom of God.
It was announced to Jews first; then the same news was announced to Gentiles.
The Kingdom of God is at hand; tickets are now on sale - bought and paid for by the cross of Jesus Christ.
All who believe and receive are born again, and only they shall see it and enter in - and it shall be forever and ever.
But the wicked shall be damned, no matter whether they were Jews who had Moses' written Law, or Gentiles who had the law in their conscience.
Not all Jews believed; many Gentiles believed; God then used Gentiles to help bring more Jews to faith.
Nothing changed with that. The Gospel is God's best and final offer. It's just that God is allowing time for more people to be saved.
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved..." (Acts 16:31).

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