Friday, 16 September 2016


1. God's original plan for mankind was prosperity.

2. Sin brought poverty, sickness and death.

3. Jesus became 'poor' that we might become rich.

4. Riches and glory is therefore God's ultimate plan for us.

5. It is reserved for us in heaven.

6. One day He will come, and we shall inherit the Kingdom preserved for us.

7. Meanwhile, we already experience that Kingdom-prosperity and life in our spirit through the Holy Spirit.

8. There can be an overflow of prosperity from our spirit to our natural affairs, in this life, and to that of our family, and church and nation.

9. For example, healing.

10. Abundant provision.

11. Fertility

12. And long life.

13. But the ungodly also are permitted to remain in the world, until He comes.

14. Therefore all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall also suffer persecution, some more than others - and some even martyrdom.

15. And there are other principles of cause and effect too, besides the affect of the ungodly upon us, which can affect the extent to which an individual or nation might experience prosperity in natural things in this life, including but not limited to:

Our unique calling; choosing to prioritise unseen and eternal things over seen and temporary things; principles of inheritance; seasons and timing - and other principles too, which can affect both believers and unbelievers alike - and it is God's will, wisdom and love to allow all of those principles, at this time.

16. Not all Christians will therefore 'prosper' to the same extent in natural things in this life.

17. Nevertheless there are things which we may or may not be able to do to increase or decrease our prosperity in natural things, in this life, depending on a number of factors some of which I've already mentioned.

18. But no matter what, when He comes, the dead will rise and all believers shall literally co-inherit all things, with the risen Lord Jesus!

19. That's how the Father's will is being outworked.

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