Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Open Visions and Heavenly Tourism

We can interact with heaven and with the unseen realm - even without seeing it.
Like, the moment Daniel set himself to pray and fast 21 days, his prayer was heard and the angel was dispatched to act on his behalf. It was only right at the end that Daniel saw the angel. So Daniel seeing the angel didn't make anything happen that wasn't already happening. It was already set in motion simply because Daniel prayed (and fasted).
The greatest way any of us ever interacted with heaven, was the day we got saved - yet few of us had an open vision of heaven when we got saved.
Seeing visions of heaven and angels can be instructive, and encouraging, and the Bible does say people will see visions - but even if when we don't, it doesn't necessarily mean we are not engaging the unseen realm, or that we are not interacting with heaven or with God. We can do all that, simply by believing. Nevertheless, it is entirely valid to desire spiritual gifts.

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