Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Jews Aren't in Torah 'Exile' Mode

Why the Jews are not in 'exile' today, as far as keeping the Law goes.

When the Jews went into 'exile' (in Babylon):

The law and prophets predicted it exactly.

The prophets even said how long it would last (70 years).

The Jews were told in advance exactly how to act while in captivity.

Then when they returned, they were able to resume keeping the Law-system because the required genealogies were all still in tact, plus the old Law-system was in fact still in force anyway, because the exile itself had been a function of the Law.

But that's not the case today. If the Jews are still under the same Law-system only in 'exile' today:

It is an exile which wasn't predicted.

No-one knows how long it's going to last.

They have no authoritative instructions on how to behave in the mean-time.

And it won't be possible nor relevant for them to resume keeping the Law once the exile ends - because the required genealogies have been lost, and because the 'new covenant' is already in place now, no longer the old one.

So a better explanation is that God allowed the old Law-system to fade away, because He has already introduced the 'New Covenant.'

Precisely as prophesied.

And in the precise timeframe that was prophesied (See Daniel's 70 'weeks').

The current situation has come to pass in exact accordance with the predictions contained in the Law and Prophets, just like their 'exile' (to Babylon) had come to pass exactly as predicted.

His own Son declared and procured the New Covenant, by His cross.

He explained it all from the Old Testament Scriptures.

And we have Apostolic instructions telling us how we should now live, this side of Christ's resurrection.

They described this exact scenario and the reasons for it.

Otherwise, if that's not the case, then the Jews have been left abandoned, high and dry, up the creek without a paddle, without a word, been given the silent-treatment, and are left to themselves to figure out how to apply a Law which can't literally apply anymore - and can't again in future!

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