Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pre-European History of Australia

A recent study claims:

  • Many Australian Aborigines have Indian DNA
  • The Indian DNA came into existence in Aborigines 141 generations ago
  • Or 4,230 years ago
That refutes the earlier idea that Aborigines had no contact with the rest of the world in 45,000 years. The alleged findings seems to fit the Bible narrative.

If the flood of Noah was about 4,320 years ago, and the earth was divided about a hundred years afterwards in Peleg's day, then there might have still been a land-link between Australia and India, around the time when the 'Indian' DNA allegedly got mixed in.

A land-link might have been directly between North West Australia and Southern India; or through New Guinea and South East Asia.

Or if not a land-link, sea-levels might have been lower. Australian Aborigines do have orally-transmitted stories of sea-levels allegedly rising - more recently than has been thought.

The alleged discovery this year of sandstone stacks in-tact under the sea, off the Coast of Victoria, similar to the Twelve Apostles, brings into question previous thoughts about just how long ago sea levels rose. Recent findings seem to fit the Bible narrative.

The alleged Indian DNA in Aborigines likely came from the ancient ancestors of some of the tribes in Southern India, not so much from non-tribal Indians, a report alleges - and Australian Aborigines do look very similar to some of those Southern Indian tribes: in bone, legs, face, dress, tools, customs, someone said in language too - even the Australian dingo seems similar to the Indian grey wolf.

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