Thursday, 1 September 2016

Not in Exile

The non-doable parts of the Law today can't be explained as still applying to me with "exile-provisions"...

...because I'm not in "exile".

My ancestors never came from Judaea!

If I, being ethnically non-Jewish, are to keep the Torah as if in exile, it means Gentiles were grafted into exile - great! 

And even believers who are Israeli are "strangers and pilgrims", according to the New Testament, by virtue of their faith in Christ - even though they live in the State of Israel.

So "exile provisions" can't explain the fact that the Torah-system isn't literally do-able in its entirety.

A better explanation is that the system is over.

Not that the Divine nature has changed - or that no ethics, morals and spiritual principles exist any more. Of course godliness still exists.

But righteousness is received and expressed through a new and living way now.

We're grafted into the promised blessing - into God. 

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