Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Led of the Spirit

Sometimes we just "don't feel right" about something, even though to the natural mind it looks good.

It feels like washing your feet with your socks on, to use somebody's expression.

Or like a bird fluttering around unable to find a perch to land on, someone else described it.

A sense of dread, or hesitancy.

That's the Holy Spirit saying no.

Other times we feel right.

Our spirit feels velvety.

We just know that we know!

It's like your spirit is doing cart-wheels for joy.

That's the Spirit saying yes.

The inner witness of the Spirit.

Learn to follow the inner witness.

God guides you through your spirit, not just in your mind, and certainly not just through your emotions.

Sometimes the inner witness comes as the "still small voice" of the Spirit.

Other times as a more authoritative, insistent voice.

Rarely as a physically audible voice.

Sometimes accompanied by a vision or dream.

Sometimes confirmed also through a word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy or tongue and interpretation.

The Spirit brings back to memory things in the Word.

The Spirit guides into all truth.

Spiritual gifts didn't add to the Gospel - they followed and confirmed the Word.

Sometimes the Spirit let's our spirit perceive things - that's not a spiritual gift per se. But I'm talking about perceiving things in a category which can't be known simply by reading the Bible. Not new doctrines of course - but things like: what is going to happen, or where you should go; whom to ordain; even what to buy, what not to do or whom not to associate with; how to run a meeting.

The Holy Spirit offers us guidance beyond what we can deduce with our understanding - and He gives us that guidance in our spirit.

As brother Hagin taught: "I am a spirit, I have a soul and I live in a body".

Learn to be spirit-conscious, don't just operate out of your mind and certainly not just out of your emotions. Be led by the Spirit in your spirit!

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