Saturday, 1 April 2017

He Hears the Voice of Your Supplications

"...he hath shewed me his marvellous kindness in a strong city" (Psalm 31:21).
One time after a year overseas in a certain country, I was booked to fly on to Hong Kong.
To get to the airport of departure though, I first had to ride a ferry for some 300km across the sea from another island.
I'd booked the high-speed ferry, to give me ample leeway. But as soon as it left the pier I could tell I was going to be cutting it fine to arrive in time.
Sure enough the boat-ride took some 11 or 12 hours instead of eight. I hurriedly got a taxi and asked the driver to take me straight to the international airport.
But on the way we came to a roadblock, and were diverted a long way around.
By the time we arrived at the airport, my plane was taking off down the runway!
The next flight wasn't for another few days. So I rode public transport towards the city-proper. I had nothing arranged.
About some 20 minutes or so down the road, I felt the Holy Spirit say, "Get off".
But I looked out - it didn't look like a very built-up area at all - so I hesitated at first to get off.
The feeling in my spirit persisted though - so I got off at the next stop. Locals riding the transport with me had a look on their faces like 'What's a foreigner doing getting off here!'. But I paid the fare, then walked back along the road, carrying my bag, to the spot where I first felt to get off.
During my twelve months in the country I'd met every member of a certain family who are important to our family, except one member - unfortunately I hadn't had the opportunity to meet her part of the family. But I remembered she lived in this city.
I didn't know where in the city though. Didn't even know her married-name - only her maiden-name. Had no contact details at all.
I walked straight into a small shop and asked if they had a phone. I looked up the numbers of churches, picked one at random. A receptionist answered, and I proceeded to ask whether she'd happen to know a certain person whose maiden-name was such-and-such...
And she knew her! And was able to give me a phone number.
I phoned the number - and that very family-member answered straightaway. I told her who I was, explained the circumstances.
She eagerly asked where I was. I asked the shop-keeper to help explain the location.
My family-friend laughed! Each person involved could hardly believe it.
I was right in the very area where they lived, virtually just around the corner.

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