Thursday, 20 April 2017

Israel the Bride

If God's remarriage with Israel is only a still-future event, then how would you describe the Twelve apostles' relationship with God? They were Jews! 

The 120 on the day of Pentecost. The thousands of Jews who got saved that day. 

And multitudes more who were added daily to the church, including priests. 

So that by the time Paul returned to Jerusalem many years later, James pointed out how many thousands there were in the church - all Jews. Weren't they betrothed to Christ?

And if Jews weren't brought into relationship with God through the Gospel, then neither are we. Because Gentiles were grafted-in to the same promise as the Jews. Therefore if their promise hadn't come, then there was nothing for us to be grafted in to. 

The entire Gentile Church was connected to the all-Jewish original church in Jerusalem. 

Paul, whose ministry was to Gentiles, got the right hand of fellowship from the Jerusalem church.

When there was a dispute among the churches, the matter was resolved in Jerusalem and the verdict was issued among the churches of the Gentiles. 

Any experiences which modern Israeli citizens might or might not have in future, can only be on the basis that Israel's bride-relationship with God has already been provided, already procured and already experienced by Jews - and also by Gentiles - through the Gospel. 

There's only one Christ. One body of Christ. One Church. One bride of Christ. One Gospel. No other way but Christ. And only one lifestyle to live: the life of faith in Christ. The Christian life.

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