Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spirit Come

We can sing "Spirit Come" - the MC can even feel so moved by it that he asks the congregation to sing it again instead of going straight to the announcements.

But the extent of manifestation of the Spirit we actually see will depend entirely on what we do after that.

We can either proceed with the announcements and then have the sermon. And then sing the song "Spirit Come" again - even sing it over and over again - after the sermon.

Or we can sing more songs for a while. In which case people might personally feel some inner working of the Spirit as they sing.

Or we can actually give the meeting to the manifestation of the Spirit at that point. We can actually give Him His way, instead of just repeatedly saying "Have your way".

He might begin to touch people. It might spread. The Spirit might fall upon the whole congregation.

The sights and sounds of people manifesting the Spirit will edify the congregation. If we don't carry-on playing music, singing, giving announcements, preaching or whatever else might be on the run-sheet instead.  

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