Monday, 10 April 2017

Quote from David Carner

Someone Posted:
"Christians are great at promoting the loving Jesus of the New Testament, but very few can convincingly explain the horrific portrayal of God in the Old Testament — how do you explain it?"
David Carner commented:

"The old testament was written instructions on how to run a government. Jesus' ministry was about how to live your personal life. Paul's letters were instructions on how to run a church.

The Torah says to stone adulterers to death so that the people wo
uld be afraid to do this again. (Not that it would never happen, but if killing 2 people stops 100 affairs, preserves 50 marriages and saves 200 kids from growing up in broken homes it's worth it.)

Jesus said, 'whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. It shows that the standard of true perfection is beyond human ability. He avoided talking about legal action; keeping in mind Israel was under the rule of Rome. 

Paul said that if someone is living in unrepentant adultery that you not accept him as a believer or a member of your church. 

I don't see any contradictions here; only commands that were given in different contexts. 

As for God's direct intervention; Jesus talked many times about coming judgment so I don't see any contradiction there either."

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