Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hebrew Roots

Abraham was called "the Hebrew" before Jacob (Israel) was even born, before the Law was given.

Abraham had the promise that his Seed (Christ) would bless (justify, save) all nations of the earth (without ethnic distinction, and therefore without the deeds of the law).

He had that promise before the Law. He himself was justified before the Law. Before Israel. And he was called "the Hebrew". 

Therefore our true Hebrew roots go back before the Law. Before Israel. Predates Israel and the Law. 

Our Hebrew-root was a lifestyle of justification by faith, not works. Our Hebrew-root was an identity where Israel didn't even exist, let alone existing uniquely among the nations. 

So if you want to get back to your Hebrew-roots, it's got nothing to do with the Law and nothing to do with Israel! 

It's to do with the lifestyle of faith in Christ (the Seed) and our identity in Him alone.

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